When was the last time you actually held a tangible photograph of yourself or a loved one? There is an unmatched feeling of connection to a physical image that's unique and personal, yet often lost in our digital era. 

imaginem is a small studio that is run by Chris Prosser and myself to bring that feeling and the excitement back into image making. We love older photographic processes, and have a deep appreciation for the work that photographers before us had to go through to create their images. Currently, imaginem is focused on creating Tintype portraits (wet or dry), often considered the first form of instant photography, predating Polaroid by nearly one hundred years. Hence the tie in with our 8x10 Instant Film offerings at the studio.

One of the most common questions we receive is, Why would you do all of that work to make one image? Well, that one image is unique, never again will that 8-30 seconds of time ever exist again. The wet chemicals on the plate will never sit or run in the exact same way either. The sensitivity of the chemicals can change rapidly and yield varying results as well. For how scientific the process is, it's also full of variables and minutiae that contribute to the uniqueness of each image.

Another answer would be that we love to learn, we enjoy the challenge presented by this process, and appreciate being able to share it with the world.

imaginem is dedicated to the craft of photography. At imaginem, we love getting our hands in on the process of making photographs, not just taking photographs.

If you're interested in learning more, seeing our work, or checking out some of what happens behind-the-scenes, check us out here. imaginem.